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This citrus scent offers a zesty refreshing fragrance with a burnt sugred edge,

inspired by the sweet smell synomonous with the simmering of marmalade.

These candles are perfect for any home,

to relax with on the side of the bath or above a fire place.

Perfect as a luxurious present to celebrate any occasion.

Using Beeswax in our candle design offers a unique luxurious aroma to the candles and also allows it to burn cleaner than alternative designs.

Each candle is moulded using our premium amber glass which offers a warm homely glow within the home.

These candles make a special gift being locally handcrafted near Oxford and are also enviromentally friendly with the glass design and by using natural materials.


At The Oxford Candlemakers we are also raising awareness to the decline of the Bee population through our Blog and social media platform.


  • We are happy to offer a refund or replacement to any candle found to be faulty within 28 days of purchase.

    Once reutrned we will also offer a refund ony any postal charges.

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